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Scrubbing Out Disease

In the week following the earthquake that devastated Haiti, while nonprofits across the world scrambled…

The Hope of The Rocket Summer

RELEVANT talks to Bryce Avary (better known as The Rocket Summer) talks about his new album, Of Men and Angels, and about his faith, fans and why he’s so happy.

Boxed in by Love Languages

RELEVANT columnist Alyce Gilligan looks at the dangers in abusing the Five Love Languages program.

To the Faithful (and Unknown) Departed

RELEVANT explores the topic of celebrity death—why are we obsessed with them? And how should we respond?

Even Bigger Than Relient K

RELEVANT talks to Relient K lead singer Matt Thiessen about the band’s new album, Forget and Not Slow Down, doing A&R for Mono vs. Stereo and a pervading maturity.

Lighten Up with Flash Mobs

Alyce Gilligan writes a column for RELEVANT takes a look at the phenomenon of flash mobs like Improv Everywhere.

Derek Webb Isn’t Going to Take It Anymore

RELEVANT talks to Derek Webb about Stockholm Syndrome, the viral marketing campaign for the album and why he’s turned his sights to addressing homosexuality in the church.

Our Dirty Little (Post)Secret

RELEVANT talks to Frank Warren, the creator and owner of PostSecret, about the new book Confessions on Life, Death and God.

Shut Up and Listen to God

RELEVANT examines the practice of contemplative prayer and silence and looks at the practical implications for faith.