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Anne Jackson is an author, speaker and strategy consultant based in Grand Rapids, Mich. She is currently pursuing a degree in clinical psychology and in her free time loves to bake cupcakes and read old books. You can find her on Facebook.

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On Unanswered Questions

It’s safer to have a tidy set of answers, but in today’s column, Anne Jackson ponders the beauty of leaving our questions a bit more open-ended.

The Slow and Inefficient Work of God

You’ve heard of slow food … but an experience at a friend’s church causes Anne Jackson to consider the surprising beauty of slow faith.

How Much Love Does It Take to Make a Difference?

The sun did not sympathize with the winter season. What should have been alive was…

The Many Faces of Mercy

What do we make of God’s mercy when it offers us no comfort? How do we make sense of our stories when someone else’s seems to possess all that we hope and pray for and want? Our columnist Anne Jackson share the illumination she found when wrestling through these hard questions in her own hard circumstances.

The Power of Confession

We don’t often find time—or courage—for true and honest connection, and that holds true in the context of our church communities as well. But what do we lose in not making time or mustering the courage for it? Our columnist Anne Jackson gently peels back the layers of this question and invites us deeper into truth.

The Joy in Holding On to Grief

On July 3, 2012, eight days before my friend Jay Williams turned 32 years old,…

Those Things That Will Not Ever Leave

Our columnist Anne Jackson looks into the bleak reality of loneliness, hiddenness, God’s seeming absence and pain and asks, “Will those things that are said to not ever leave ever return?”