Brett McCracken


Brett McCracken is a Los Angeles-based writer and journalist. He is the author of Gray Matters: Navigating the Space Between Legalism and Liberty (Baker, 2013), Hipster Christianity (Baker, 2010) and has written for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,, The Princeton Theological Review, Mediascape, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, RELEVANT magazine, IMAGE Journal, Q Ideas and He speaks and lectures frequently at universities, churches & conferences, and is a regular blogger. You can also follow him on Twitter @BrettMcCracken.

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Nobody Said Christianity Should Be Comfortable

A faith of isolation has nothing prophetic or revolutionary to offer to a world of…

Viewer Discretion Advised

There’s plenty of horror and tragedy in the real world—let alone in the movies. But then again, the Bible isn’t exactly G-rated, either. How should Christians approach these darker depictions in cultural art?

Why Do We Watch Movies?

Brett McCracken writes an article for RELEVANT looking more deeply at film during this awards season.

The Rise of the Ironic Class

Brett McCracken writes an article for RELEVANT about the rise of the ironic class, and how Christians should think about irony.

Why We Like to Watch the World End

Brett McCracken writes a feature for RELEVANT about our fascination with disaster movies—why do we like to watch the end of the world so much?

Why Music Should Be Free

RELEVANT looks at the culture of free and how it impacts the music industry—and how downloading for free might be good for consumers and artists.

Watch Your #[email protected]&%!! Mouth

Brett McCracken considers the question of cussing and the Christian, wondering how our language might affect our witness.

Short Attention Span Faith

Brett McCracken considers the fallout from our constant connection to technology and wonders what it’s doing to our relationship with God.

Oscar’s 2009 Preview

A preview of the 2009 Oscar’s, including predictions and complaints.

The Death of Facebook

The Facebook “25 Random Things” sensation is the first legitimate pop culture phenomenon of 2009.…