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Will the Rolling Jubilee Really Work?

A new offshoot of the Occupy Movement is taking off—and it’s buying up and canceling people’s debt for pennies on the dollar. The Rolling Jubilee’s lavish forgiveness of debt is dazzling newscasters and the public, and certainly has spiritual echoes. But after the Rolling Jubilee has done its good work, the question remains: Will forgiven debtors shoulder the responsibility to stay out of the red in the future, and extend the same generosity given them to others?
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Why You Need to Care About the Drought

The bone-dry summer has thrown more than half of all U.S. counties into emergency, but it’s not just farmers who are being affected. We will all be feeling the drought in food prices and water conservation mandates soon enough. The Bible is no stranger to agricultures ups and downs, and it has a very clear encouragement for how to act and pray during times of deep drought.