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Chris once said, ÒIÕll never be a pastor.Ó Now heÕs in seminary and learning that God has a sense of humor. You can see more of his writing at and his ramblings on Twitter.

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When Do We Have a Right to Criticize?

During the last year of my undergrad education, I wrote a letter to the President…

3 Roadblocks to Happiness

I love Ecclesiastes. For a book of the Bible, It’s just so raw. Solomon, supposedly…

Why Your Relationship With God Shouldn’t Just Be Personal

One of my favorite songs, “Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes says, “I was raised up…

What Do We Do With Discrepancies in the Bible?

My Mom is super Christian. I mean that is a great way. She has spent…

If God’s In Control Why Am I Trying So Hard?

My grandparents have always been fighters. When they met, he was a high school dropout…

5 Ways to Give Good Advice

My stepfather loves giving advice. It’s as if he has an advice-giving compulsion that drives…

The Shadow Side of Scripture

When things don’t go as planned, we need a theology that meets us right where we are—in the mess of pain and disappointment. Fortunately for us, we have one.

A Non-Political Antichrist

Any time national leaders get shuffled around, there will inevitably be talk in some Christian circles about the “antichrist.” But the Bible only references the “antichrist” a few times in Scripture—and never in relation to world leaders. So what are we missing?

What If NASA Finds Life On Other Planets?

Last week, NASA landed a nine-foot-long, 2,000-pound robot named Curiosity on the surface of Mars by lowering it from a flying rocket–powered sky-crane after it traveled 350,000,000 miles through space. No big deal. But at the root of this far-out exploration are the questions we’ve been wondering since space exploration began: Is life unique to Earth? Are we the only ones looking to the stars?

Are You A Worthy Bridesmaid?

In this inaugural column by Christopher Abel—seminary student and pastor-in-training—you’re invited to consider how following Jesus probably won’t lead you to be murdered, but it might kill your ego.