CJ Stephens


CJ Stephens is Co-Pastor of Ekklesia Church at Raleigh, co-founder of the Red Light Film & Art Project and a former Quarterback at the University of North Carolina. You can read more from him at heisman03.com.

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Does Football Fuel a Culture of Violence? (And Do We Care?)

A few weeks ago, the NFL kicked off its 2013 season in epic fashion. The…

The Super Bowl Gospel

Between pre- and post-game prayers, eye-black adorned with Bible verses and end-zone prayers, faith has long had a prominent place in American sports. But does it have the “right” place?

The Cost of Creating a False Narrative

The inspirational icon behind LIVESTRONG came clean last night that he was actually living a lie. Lance Armstrong’s confession is causing outrage, to be sure, but perhaps the scenario is not as unique as we might think.

College Football, Joe Paterno and Our Need for Legacy

This Saturday, when college football teams finally burst from the locker room and out onto…