Dan Miller


Dan Miller, president of 48 Days, specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He is the author of the widely acclaimed 48 Days to The Work You Love and No More Dreaded Mondays, as well as his most recent release, Wisdom Meets Passion. He writes for many popular magazines and web portals, has been a guest on CBS, MSNBC, The 700 Club, and The Dave Ramsey Show, and appears frequently on popular radio programs. Dan has been happily married to Joanne for more than forty-four years.

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Where God’s Purpose and Your Passion Meet

You know that feeling when you look back at what you wanted to be when you were five (doctor, ballerina, rocket scientist) and where you are now—working the late shift, paying rent and overwhelmed by the prospect of what’s next? Dan Miller has something to say to you.

Do I have to decide between my passion and a paycheck?

Many of us are asking three questions today in regard to our work: Should I…


When you register a new organization, you get to choose between a business and a nonprofit. But financial expert and author Dan Miller says the lines between the two should not be so clear-cut.

5 Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

The stakes are high in today’s job market, and job interviews are intimidating stuff. Here’s how to sidestep the palm-sweating interview nerves and set yourself up for success—and hopefully a new job.