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Frank Fredericks is the founder of World Faith, ‚š–‡r Records and Co-Founder of Religious Freedom USA. After graduating from NYU, Frank worked in the music industry, managing artists such as Lady Gaga. As an active blogger, Frank has contributed to the Huffington Post, Washington Post and Sojourners. While doing independent research in Egypt on Christian-Muslim relations, he became inspired to found World Faith, an interfaith community service organization. After developing an action-based model in New York, he traveled to conflict-prone regions finding passionate young people to replicate the model, in places like Lebanon, India, Egypt and Sudan. World Faith is now active in 14 countries. Frank also works as an independent Online marketing and PR consultant, consulting non-profits, corporations, foundations, recording artists and political campaigns on web issues ranging from viral video and social networks to SEO and advertising. After consulting Park51 (wrongly called the Òground zero mosqueÓ) on PR and social media, Frank founded Religious Freedom USA with Joshua Stanton of the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue, mobilizing 1,000 people in the Liberty Walk in support of Park51. Frank is an active blogger, contributing to blogs on issues ranging from business, technology, religion and music, and is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post's Religion section. He has presented World Faith to the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum in 2010. Frank frequently speaks at conferences about interfaith needs, social entrepreneurship and technology, and has been interviewed for Good Morning America, NPR, New York magazine and many others. He is an IFYC (Interfaith Youth Core) Fellow Alumnus, and is a current YouthActionNet Fellow, and Soliya Network Fellow. Frank is on the Executive Board for global tolerance, a communications firm focused on social good. Frank resides in New York, New York, where he still performs as a professional musician with local artists. He has a love for languages, studying one or more at any given time. At home, he has a passion for cooking Italian food.

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