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Dr. Halee Gray Scott is an author, scholar and researcher. Her research and teaching focuses on theology, spiritual formation and leadership. Her articles have appeared in Christianity Today, Real Clear Religion, Cooks and Culture, Her.Meneutics, Kyria, Gifted For Leadership and Outcomes. She blogs at www.hgscott.com.

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Two Perspectives: Hobby Lobby and Religious Freedom

[Editor’s Note: In light of yesterday’s controversial Supreme Court ruling that Hobby Lobby does not…

Opinion: Why the Hobby Lobby Hubbub Matters

The Christian owners of Hobby Lobby say it’s against their convictions to provide their employees with contraceptives that may result in abortion. The Affordable Care Act requires them, as a for-profit business, to provide them anyway. In the back-and-forth of the case, the question at the heart of the matter is this: Can the government put companies in the position of having to choose between following their faith and following the law?

Why Women Stay

Once upon a time, way back in another life before I got a clue and…