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Kristin Tennant has been making a living as a freelance writer for 10 years. She lives with her husband Jason and their three daughters in Urbana, Illinois, where she leads a weekly Bible & Beer discussion, plays her viola at church, and loves sharing meals and conversation with friends. She blogs at Halfway to Normal, and you can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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12 Christmas Gift Ideas That Give Twice

Giving the perfect gift is a hard feat to accomplish—especially when most of the people on your list likely already have the things they really need. Yet the world is filled with people who are in desperate need of many of the things we take for granted. Here’s 12 ideas for meaningful gifts for your friends and family that also meet a global need.

5 Rules for Tech-iquette

I was out for dinner with a friend when I noticed a couple at the…

Valued and Broken—All at Once

Our columnist Kristin Tennant probes and processes the one part of the Gospel that is difficult for her to swallow—that in God’s eyes, she is of incredible value.

Hospitality Outside of Pinterest

“Hospitality” may bring to mind your favorite Pinterest table shots, the Martha Stewart magazine or your grandmother’s Sunday dinner. This kind of hospitality may not be your kind of “thing,” but Christ’s idea of hospitality is actually much simpler than a decked-out dinner table.

The Beautiful Mess of Redemption

Sometimes we think we’ve figured out God’s plan for the messy work of our lives. Sometimes we know where the story’s headed. But then we hit a bend in the road we didn’t expect and we realize: We have no idea where God is in this mess. Our columnist Kristin Tennant invites us to grapple with the difficulty of redemption, healing, and wholeness—and what to do when we don’t know what God is doing.

Living in Moments, Rather Than Minutes

Time management is big business in our culture. We know we can’t buy time, but we sure do try. But what if time became less about currency—measuring the hours and seconds and figuring out how to save or make it—and more about what we do with it?

Discover Who You Are—the Love List Way

Trying things on for size the Mad Scientist way. Slipping in and out of identities like a Convincing Actor. Wondering, underneath it all, who the heck we are. Can you relate? Our columnist Kristin Tennant helps you uncover the truth of God’s identity for you through the medium of what she calls a Love List.

Uniquely You (Sort Of)

We have strong ideas about what it means to be a Christian—how our faith should play itself out in everything from church, worship and prayer to service, politics and culture. But we also know God created us each to be completely, amazingly unique. Our columnist Kristin Tennant grapples with this seeming disparity and then helps you get practical about your own uniqueness in this world.

Discarding the “Good Christian” Image

Discovering and celebrating who God created us to be opens the door to freely knowing, loving and trusting God and living fully for Him. In Kristin Tennant’s new column, learn how finding our unique identity not only impacts our relationship with God, but also impacts our relationships with others—Christians and non-Christians alike—and our ability to participate in bringing more of God’s Kingdom to Earth.