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Mack Hayden is a budding writer and college student. He blogs at Biola's Culture Context. And there's plenty of tweeting going on over at @unionmack.

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Sufjan Stevens Reflects on God and Death on ‘Carrie & Lowell’

Sufjan Stevens is indie rock’s closest thing to a saint recording music in the new…

Why We All Love Sherlock

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce why modernizing his character could be a totally…

Who Should Have Won the Grammys

In recent years, the most “prestigious” musical awards show has been bereft of an identity…

Behind Hollywood’s Apocalyptic Obsession

The current cinematic climate seems intent on driving home at least one thing lately: The…

The Return of My Bloody Valentine

Twenty-two years, a spontaneous concert announcement and a momentous server crash later, My Bloody Valentine has released its third—and possibly its best—album yet.