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What Obedience Really Costs Us

We tend to think of the holy mother as a blue-hooded young woman, privileged to be chosen by God. And that she was—but she was also a pregnant unmarried woman, who, according to the culture of the day, could rightfully be stoned to death. Here’s what we miss in the Christmas story about Mary’s obedience–and what it means for us.

Is “Loving Witness” an Oxymoron?

“How can you say you love people if you are constantly trying to convert them?” This objection crops up a lot when it comes to interfaith dialogue—and often, it’s Christians who pose the question. So, what do we do with it? Is it possible to authentically love a person and still desire to see them come to Christ, or does a commitment to evangelism automatically lead us to view other people as nothing more than projects?