Rachael Dymski


Rachael is working toward her MFA at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. She loves few things more than travel, interior design, running, literature and a good cup of tea. She blogs at Steeped in Thought.

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What My Anxiety Taught Me About God

“How do you live as a Christian when you struggle with anxiety?” She asked me,…

Anxiety Is a Spiritual Issue

One of the easiest ways to disable a person, I think, is to make them…

The Abortion Debate Needs More Grace

I was 16 when I first learned about abortion—through one of my friends.  She hadn’t…

The Busy Trap

You know the drill—you exchange a phone call with an old friend for a frantic…

The Question We Should Never Let Make or Break Us

First impressions are a tricky beast, but our culture has made them trickier by crafting a single, casual question to sum up a person’s worth and identity. Is there another way?