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Weekly News Roundup: Aug. 24-28

RELEVANT looks at the week of August 24-28, including the passing of Ted Kennedy, Madonna’s rough outing in Romania, the moon rock that wasn’t and the Black Eyed Peas efforts to offend the whole world.

Dogs, Dogma, Jesus and Ben Folds

RELEVANT talks to singer-songwriter-piano-player-extraordinnaire Ben Folds about Jesus, dogma and … dogs.

Weekly News Roundup: July 27-31

RELEVANT’s Weekly News Roundup for the week of July 27 includes stories about Whole Food, Barack Obama, Sonia Sotomayor, Michael Phelps and the iPhone.

Weekly News Roundup: July 20-24

RELEVANT recaps the news from the week of July 20-24, including the passing of the Taco Bell dog, the moon landing anniversary, North Korea and a drug bust.

Let’s Talk About Sex

RELEVANT tackles the topic of sex in the context of Church. How should Christians think about sex?

Weekly News Roundup: July 6-10

The Weekly News Roundup for the second week of July covers Sarah Palin’s resignation, GM’s emergence from bankruptcy, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno, Chinese protests and North Korean hackers.

Weekly News Roundup: June 29 – July 3

The weekly news roundup for the last week of June includes stories on Walkman, Al Franken, SC Gov. Mark Sanford, Michael Jackson and California’s extensive debt.

Weekly News Roundup: June 22-26

The last full week of June is mostly defined by the loss of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The Truly Free Press

With the advent of social networking sites like Twitter and Flickr, the press is indeed becoming free.

Kindness to the Immigrant

Immigration reform becomes more than politics when Christians consider Jesus’ assertion that whatever we do to the least of these, we do to Him.

Weekly News Roundup: June 15-19

The big story shaping the news this week was the growing tension between the administration…

Weekly News Roundup: June 8-12

A roundup of the second week of June, 2009.

The Collapse of General Motors

Well, the economic downward spiral continues. GM just announced that it is filing for Chapter…

Weekly News Roundup: May 25 – 29

This week was full of political turmoil. In the midst of controversy from a judicial…

Obama’s Supreme Court Pick

The Obama administration faced a major decision—and possibly quite the political coups—when Supreme Court Justice…

Weekly News Roundup: May 18-22

Politics, science, pop culture and a potential humanitarian tragedy. It’s been a very full week.…

Weekly News Roundup: May 11-15

The second week of May was a particularly political one. With a comedian sucking the…

Weekly News Roundup: May 4-8

The first week of May, 2009, calmed down a bit. After the swine flu panic…

Weekly News Roundup: April 27 – May 1

There’s really only one story in the news this week, and it’s swine flu. As…

The Cloning Question

‘s finally happened. The first cloned human embryos have been implanted in a womb. Well,…

Weekly News Roundup: April 20-24

This week was a fairly somber one. With the 10-year anniversary of the tragic shootings…

Weekly News Roundup: April 13-17

This week, thousands took to the street to protest taxes, judgment falls on a legendary…

Weekly News Roundup: April 6-10

This week was a somber one, with a major earthquake hitting Italy and an American…

Weekly News Roundup: March 29- April 3

This week was one focused on the global economy. The G-20 Summit draws praise and…

Weekly News Roundup: March 23-27

This week in the news, the "last gunslinger" hangs up his holster, the pope causes…

Weekly News Roundup: March 16-20

Once again, here’s your roundup of the week’s most important, interesting and utterly asinine stories.…

Weekly News Roundup: March 9-13

Once again, here’s your weekly roundup of the news shaping your world. From the culture-shaping…

The Trials of Ted Haggard

Ted Haggard’s 2006 fall from grace was very public and very shocking. As the senior…