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The Jeskes have lived lots of amazing days in Nicaragua, China, South Africa, and the U.S. The latest book is This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling. @ChristineJeske is getting a Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, and @AdamJeske leads social media for InterVarsity and the Urbana Student Missions Conference. Connect at Into the Mud and Executing Ideas.

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How Social Media Made Me a Better Person

You often hear about the dangers of social media, including: narcissism, wasted time, envy of…

Who’s Afraid of Fear?

Spiders, bridges, public speaking, the dark—these are all considered somewhat normal fears. But is such fear normal for Christians who serve a supernatural God?

When I’m Bad at Being a Woman

I was fortunate to grow up with a mom who isn’t ashamed of the unique…

Three Things I Hate About Jesus

We love Jesus. We’re committed to following Him and His ways. But let’s be honest: Some things are really hard to love about Jesus. Here, Adam and Christine Jeske say what those things are.

The Biblical Basis for Fun

There are serious calls in the Bible toward discipleship. Take up your cross and follow Me. Deny you father, mother, brother and sister. Lose your life to save it. But what about the fun? Faith is meant to have that, too.

Advice for College Freshmen (and for Anyone, Really)

Each fall brings a few million new students to campus in the U.S., and the transition to college is one of the great hallmarks of life in our culture. Or, to put it more colloquially, it’s freakin’ crazy. Here, Adam and Christine Jeske help ease the transition—both for college and life.

How Blessed Are the Poor, Really?

The gritty reality of poverty can’t help but shake us up and ask, “Did Jesus really mean what He said when He told us, ‘Blessed are the poor?'” Adam and Chrissy Jeske explore this question from the vantage point of experience—their experience serving a small village in Nicaragua, where a local man named Rodolfo lost the one thing he had going for him.

Living Like Guinea Pigs

How willing are you to take risks? How closely tied to your faith do you think risk is? Our columnists Adam and Chrissy Jeske chime in to say it’s essential.

Want a Revolution? Make a Casserole.

Community is revolutionary. When we bring it to a rolling boil, lives change and plans foment that ripple around the world. But it’s hard to cook up community from scratch in middle-class North America. Some days, just getting to know the neighbors on your street can feel like trying to get the wave going at a football game while everybody stares at you from their seats. Still, we go on believing that God made people—all of us, no matter your Myers-Briggs profile type—to need other people. So we need to figure out how to break our ruts of commuting, watching Hulu, and consuming Hot Pockets alone. And we couldn’t have better guides on how to do this than Adam and Christine Jeske.

Rain, Chickens and Other Foolish Hopes

It feels so foolish sometimes to believe that we might grow things in this life. Predators break in and steal, and when it comes down to it, we have no control at all over most of the key factors in life. In today’s column, Adam and Christine Jeske tackle the hard question of how to find hope when everything visible could lead us to despair.

This Ordinary Adventure

After a decade of living overseas, Adam and Christine Jeske and their two kids have moved back to the U.S. and are trying to learn how to live the lessons they learned overseas here in middle class America. but this doesn’t come easy while lugging the baggage of a house, job, kids and closets full of stuff. It’s a struggle they’ll be wrestling with in this regular column over the next several months. To start, here are the huge little battles they’re trying to fight—and how years overseas gave them some perspective to tackle them.

5 Keys for Making Big Life Decisions

Adam and Christine Jeske share 5 practical tips for navigating life’s major transitions.

The Problems (and Benefits) of America

Adam and Chrissy Jeske write a column for RELEVANT about returning to America after years away and the good and bad things they found on their return.

10 Tips to Curing Busyness

RELEVANT looks at how to cut some of the stress and busyness out of your life.

The Realistic Guide to Love

RELEVANT looks at how to make love work at every stage of a relationship—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Not Going Back to School Guide

RELEVANT looks at ways to stay busy and engaged even if you aren’t headed back to school this fall.