Tyler Braun


Tyler Braun is the author of Why Holiness Matters: We've Lost Our WayÑBut We Can Find it Again. Tyler lives in Oregon with his wife Rose and son Judah. You can find Tyler on Twitter or his blog, www.manofdepravity.com, where he writes about Millennials and finding the significant life we're all searching for.

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Seek Impact. Not Attention.

Everyone wants it. Authors, bloggers, musicians, pastors. Your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, your Instagram…

A Church for All Generations

We’ve all read the nauseating statistics that disparage Millennials in regards to church. The list…

Get a Mentor in 2013

You’ve like tried the New Year’s resolution thing time and time again. Maybe you’ve already set yours for the coming year. But take a step back and consider something you probably haven’t yet: why you need a mentor in 2013.

How to Know When to Walk Away

Should you stay or should you go? In the transition from jobs to relationships to ministry commitments and more, this is the question we all need to learn how to answer. Here’s a few ways to tell the difference between quitting irresponsibly and quitting well.

The Cost of Lost Innocence

Most people today walk around wearing their “lack of innocence badge” with immense pride. Inside the walls of the church, authenticity and brokenness about our mistakes is the highest prize given to both pastors and congregants. We value this lack of innocence because, after all, what is life, if lived harboring all our regrets? But we need to realize the cost associated with prizing our lost innocence.