11 Mind-bending Christian Book Covers You Can't Unsee

It's time to update your reading list.


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. That may be true, but disregarding it entirely is equally as big of a mistake—especially when the cover has a dude rocking a windbreaker so fly that an Urban Outfitters employee would be jealous (see below).

We’ve spent the last several weeks (yesterday afternoon), searching the labyrinth-like halls of the world’s most intricate libraries (Google) to create this list of mind-bending (somewhat entertaining) Christian book covers.

A Potato That Wasn’t a Christian
As the subtitle makes clear, this is actually serious business. Image

Amish Vampires in Space
Admit it. You want to read this one. Image

CB for Christians
This one gets a spot solely on the merits of Beau’s shirt choice and his custom, Jesus-fish CB radio thing. Image

All That the Rain Promises, and More …
OK, we’re just going to be honest here. We have no idea if there are any religious implications to David Arora’s tome about consuming wild mushrooms, and we have no reason to believe there are any. But honestly, how could you see this cover and not include it? Image

Jogging With Jesus
Real talk: That’s actually a pretty dope jogging suit. Image

Does God Ever Speak Through Cats?
Finally, someone asking the theological questions we’ve all been thinking. Image

In all fairness, Ruth may be a perfectly entertaining Amish romance novel. But why did they pick a cover photo where Ruth looks disappointed with you for reading it? Image

Enjoying Being Single
OK, so maybe this one isn’t mind-bending in the traditional sense, but it presents a bold truth so few are willing to face: Let’s face the facts, wind surfing is a one-person sport. You’re just out of luck, married people. Image

Anybody Can Be Cool … But Awesome Takes Practice
According to the cover of this “teen devotional,” the secret to being cool is to be a teen who looks like he is a 27-year-old John Tesh. Image

Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself
Sure, there’s nothing overtly Christian about this book, aside from the fact that a lot of funerals take place at church and are presided over by a minister. That’s beside the point. (You’ve just spent the last two minutes reading a list of mind-bending old book covers, so, honestly who cares at this point? Seriously, what are we doing with our lives?) If the title of the book contains the words “Fancy Coffins,” then it better show a pretty darn fancy coffin. The choice is no less than baffling. Image

Why Is Jesus in the Microwave?
We’re not even sure where to begin here. Image


Jesse Carey is an editor at RELEVANT and a mainstay on the weekly RELEVANT Podcast. He lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and two kids.

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