The first response you’re likely to get when you announce your intentions to get a tattoo are likely to be something like, “You know, you’re going to have that on your body forever.”

After you thank this person for their clear insight, you should do some reflection. They have a good point. Your tattoo is going to be on you for a long time and, particularly if you’re going to use this opportunity to get a tattoo reflective on your faith, you’re going to want to get the right kind of tattoo. Here are a few ideas to spur your creative spirit. Remember these are permanent, so obviously, they are completely serious.

A Bible Word

Remember, it’s all about the simplicity. (Image)

Something in Hebrew

We have no idea what it says, but it does look cool. (Image)

A Classic Work of Christian Art

Any competent tattoo artist should be able to accurately reproduce a timeless masterpiece in just about an hour. (Image)

Chi Rho

You will appear both smart and religious. (Image)

A Bible Verse

Bonus! It helps as a memorization aid. (Image)

A Cross

OK, this one is sort of obvious. (Image)

Jesus Fish

Looks great on the back of your car, or as a permanent fixture on your body. (Image)

Randomly Inserting a Jesus Fish onto another Tattoo


A Quick Portrait Piece

Twinsies! (Image)

Going Freehand

Nailed it. (Image)

Non-Spellchecked Word

It will teach you about forgiveness. (Image)

A Permanent Bracelet

WWJD? (Image)

#Crown of Thorns (Around Your Arm)

Never out of style. (Image)

  1. I’ve never commented on these types of things before, but here’s my 2 cents:

    I love Relevant and enjoy reading articles of all kinds on here- I even made it my home page, so I would get on social media less, and read Christian-based articles more. I even thought this article was entertaining, and more wholesome than most “tattoo fail” articles.
    All that to say, something that has been really bothering me lately is the “look” that Christians in their 20-somethings feel they have to fill. There is all this pressure to get cool tattoos/piercings, the latest haircuts, hipster clothing, the most smooth espresso, and organic breakfast pastries (OH, and not to mention the most artsy Instagram frame to capture it all) to fit into the modern church scene. I mean, look at the model for this article- super attractive, cutting edge style, tattoo sleeve- the whole bit. I worry we are getting too caught up in how we look, than how we treat and include others. Am I the only one who is intimidated when I walk into church, and I am surrounded by people with brand new Warby Parker glasses, and $6 lattes from the local roaster? Many people buy their favorite coffee every morning, but haven’t dropped money in the offering plate for months. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy fashion and purchasing quality products, but I worry we are making this more important than the mission of Jesus. He spent WAY more time and resources on PEOPLE than how he LOOKED or where he bought his “coffee”.
    How expensive is that tattoo you are thinking about getting? Are you spending more time on your “look” than you are in the Word? When you are doing ministry are you thinking more about how you look, and your next purchase than the condition of your friend’s heart?
    I am guilty of everything I wrote about, but continue to praise The Lord for his conviction on my heart, so I felt like I needed to share. Not meaning to sound “holier than thou” by ANY means.
    Grace and Peace! 2 Timothy 1:9

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