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Health: Not Just for Dieting Books

Health: Not Just for Dieting Books

In a culture crazed with superficial results, it is beneficial for us to affirm once again that the inside is what counts. Whether your skin looks perfect, or you look like you are thin and trim is not the issue. The real issue is the true state of your health. What are some simple ways that you can improve your health and internal fitness? Quick, tabloid-style diets or miracle pills are not the answer, but a change of habit just might be in order.

True change in any area of your life comes through a change of mind. In this case, a lasting habit formed can be a lifesaver. Starting to improve fitness can be as simple as not always taking the easy way. If you work or go to school in a place with an elevator, try taking the stairs instead. If you usually spend your evenings at home watching television, pick a night or two a week to stroll the neighborhood instead.

Who knows, you might even enjoy it and meet your neighbors. If you feel especially leadership oriented, organize a sport you enjoy at a local park with friends and neighbors. There are countless ways you can stay in shape and feel better without shelling out the big bucks to join a gym, but if you have the cash and just have to pump iron, that is never a bad option.

The one constant in life is that people, magazines, self help books, friends and family are always more than happy to impart their wisdom on what is healthy, unhealthy, good, bad or even ugly when it comes to food. Yet, if you just stick to a few simple rules, you can’t help but eat well.

First, if it is prepackaged, full of preservatives and filled with sugar to revitalize cardboardy taste, you probably shouldn’t be subsisting on it exclusively. Secondly, don’t eat too much sugar, anything that made you feel that awful after an Easter candy binge can’t be too good for you. Finally, unless you need the extra layer for warmth, it might be better not to eat too much fat.

Will doing these things make you thin, trim and incredibly attractive? Not necessarily, but they will help you feel better, be healthier and nourish your physical and spiritual health. It is interesting that when the Bible talks about the "soul," it is not talking about some spiritual, non-material essence of what you are, but rather the whole, real you. And for now, that includes this body you reside in. It’s you, so protect, take care of and enjoy it.

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