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College Students Increasingly Struggle with Depression

Colleges aren’t entirely sure how to deal with the increasing number of students who battle mental illness and request additional allowances and time to finish course work. 11.6 percent of college students were diagnosed or treated for anxiety last year, and 10.7 percent were diagnosed or treated for depression …

From The Wall Street Journal:

Colleges say they’re seeing more students on campus with psychiatricillnesses. About 11.6% of college students were diagnosed or treated for anxiety in the last year, and 10.7% were diagnosed or treated fordepression, according to a survey of more than 100,000 students at 129schools conducted by the American College Health Association. Manymental illnesses, particularly depression, bipolar disorder andschizophrenia, emerge during late adolescence.

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Psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety can have seriousacademic consequences because they affect concentration, sleep andcognitive processing, say mental health professionals.

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