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Song With No Melody

song with no melody

uncertain sounds shove

my name torn from my throat

the burden of unknown miles

a dream of flame leaping from the roof

a box fan comfort for my waking

cotton covers swished at my face

the hum of this lamp and the

drainage ditch position cramp my neck

this storm’s silent a baby gurgles louder

a forgotten siren sings over this concrete

over these strip malls like strip mining

a million miners dying of black lung

so i can curse the florescent light

soon this will be over

darkly luminous clouds gather and shift

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through the sieve of the storm door

my hand locking, then unlocking the latch

the sky burdened by a belly full of rain

i never meant to make a prison of love

it was a holdover, a maintenance, a manufacture

a manipulation; comfort sadly borne

these fingers will not frame my face

i will ask your forgiveness

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