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After Receiving an Influx of Hate for His Side Hustle at Trader Joe’s, Former ‘Cosby Show’ Star Gets a Job Offer from Tyler Perry

There’s been a lot of trash talk happening lately about former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens. Owens, 57, was recently spotted working as a cashier at Trader Joe’s, and the tweet quickly went viral with hundreds of outlets job-shaming the actor.

Plenty of stars were quick to jump to his defense among all of the hate on Twitter.

Soon after the tweet erupted, Owens made an appearance on Good Morning America to share his perspective on the situation. He explained that he wanted a job with flexibility in case auditions or other matters surfaced.

“I didn’t advertise it, not because I was ashamed of it, but because I didn’t want the acting community to think I wasn’t pursuing acting anymore,” he told co-host Robin Roberts.

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Owens, recently featured in TV roles on Elementary, The Blacklist and Divorce, has been working shifts at the grocery store as a side hustle in between acting gigs. But now, the actor has had to quit his job at Trader Joe’s, saying that all of the attention made it impossible for him to continue working there.

But thanks to major support from a handful of powerful stars, Owens may have a shot at a new opportunity. Since his GMA appearance, Tyler Perry has offered him a job:

Maybe Owens won’t have to brave a side hustle anymore after all.

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