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All Our Old “Firefly” Pals Are Getting Back Together

Oh, Firefly. You were a star that burned too brightly. Joss Whedon’s sci-fi/Western mash-up probably ranks only under Arrested Development in terms of fans with a terrifying amount of loyalty who feel they were shortchanged by their beloved series’ untimely demise. But now that Arrested Devlopment is getting a second life, Firefly can reign supreme as the one that got away with only a (very satisfying) film in lieu of a second season. But here’s a little respite for you fireflies out there. It turns out that, to honor the show’s tenth anniversary (yes, it’s been ten years. Maybe it’s time to move on) the whole gang is getting back together for a one-hour special, chronicling their reunion at this week’s Comic-Con. The special will air on the Science Channel this November. Good to see that Joss Whedon will finally get a little bit of attention …

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