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The ‘American Chopper’ Meme’s Criticism of a ‘Lord of the Rings’ Plot Hole Is Perfect


A new meme is sweeping the internet.

It’s based on the hit reality show American Chopper, which featured a father and son constantly arguing while running a custom motorcycle business and frequently included screaming, chair throwing and other kinds of dramatic reality show antics.

And now, a five-frame meme of one of those fights is fueling a perfect meme, with users filling in their own captions to give context to the fight.

And though there are a lot of really funny ones, one that is getting a lot of attention features an argument over what is seemingly a massive plot hole from the Lord of the Rings films: Why didn’t those eagles just fly the Hobbits all the way to Mordor?

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Both sides make great points, but we think Paul Jr. wins this round. It would have saved time AND lives!

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