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Andrew WK Wants To Fix Politics

Andrew WK thinks that American politics needs reforming. The “Party Rock” singer, TV personality, advice columnist and motivational speaker recently launched his own alternative political party, called—wait for it—The Party Party.

And, even though it sounds completely ridiculous (and completely awesome), the man behind anthems like “It’s Time to Party” insists it’s not a joke.

“We’re re-prioritizing the good things first,” he explained on a recent RELEVANT podcast. “Because as we have seen, trying to address the issues, trying to fix problems, trying to save the world—when you’re in a bad mood, it doesn’t tend to go very well.”

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So, will we see him on the ballot come November? “Unfortunately, it’s largely out of my power,” he said. “These decisions, for better or worse, are still are made by the U.S. Department of State and the federal government.”

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