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Anonymous Declares ‘Cyberwar’ on Israel, Whatever That Is

Anonymous, the loosely-knit online collective of computer hackers. have claimed responsibility for the reported 44 million cyberattacks Israel’s endured since their campaign of aerial strikes began last week. They’re declaring “cyberwar,” if that’s even a word, on Israel’s ” barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment” of Palestinains, and they’ve unleashed their cyberhackery on Israel’s government websites, shutting down some pages, leaking passwords and causing general annoyance, although the extent of that annoyance was not immediately clear. Israel’s finance minister, Yuval Steinitz, told Reuters that only one website was down for 10 minutes. Anonymous puts the number at over 650. Forbes was impressed. Gizmodo yawned. And, as CNN notes, it was Forbes’ Andy Greenberg who gave the most astute assessment of the whole affair, which is that, “Anonymous’ attacks, of course, hardly register compared with the physical damage inflicted by both sides in the Gaza conflict” …

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