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Apple Exploring Some New Invention Called “Streaming Music”

Apple, of course, single-handedly changed the way we buy and listen to music. But ever since iTunes and the iPod created a glorious new world of musical autonomy, they’ve been suspiciously behind the times. Napster and Pandora were responsible for creating new demands (and new ethical dilemmas) amongst music consumers and Sean Parker’s Spotify has finally made a reality out of something once thought impossible: instant streaming of practically any song you could ever want. (Provided those songs aren’t from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or a few other holdouts.) Now, Apple, in the throes of declining iTunes sales, has announced plans to launch a streaming music service in 2013. Nobody knows much more than that so how they plan on making their product better than Spotify is anyone’s guess. But the saying goes that you don’t have to best if you’re first, and it’s too late for Apple to be first anymore …

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