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Be Careful, Pixar

Today, Pixar announced that its 2015 film will be Finding Dory. Sure. In Hollywood’s current state, it’s weird that this hasn’t happened already, actually. “One good turn deserves a sequel,” as the old Hollywood saying goes. Now, this film might be very good. Toy Story 2, Pixar’s first sequel, remains one of the studio’s strongest films. The thing is, Pixar’s current track record is a little worrisome.

Cars 2 was not a very good movie, and although Brave and Monsters University were fine—far better than the majority of movies Hollywood releases every year—they just lacked that special Pixar magic that used to be such a sure thing. There was a time when there was just no telling what would come next from Pixar. A lonely robot? A superhero family? A floating house? Now …well, it’s just reason for Pixar to be careful. These are dangerous waters. We all love you. We’re pulling for you. Take it easy out there …

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