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The Best $20 You’ll Ever Spend: The Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard

Since the news of a Nicolas-Cage-helmed Left Behind movie was announced, do you find yourself aimlessly wandering the streets, contemplating how you can possibly deal with the pent-up anticipation you’re feeling, knowing the movie won’t hit theaters for many long months? Well, thankfully, a new product offers a constructive, creative outlet to express your devotion to Nic Cage in between National Treasure marathons. The Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard lets you imagine our hero with an endless number of possible haircuts. What would Cage look like with the carefully disheveled frosted tips of TV chef Guy Fieri?


What about the bad-boy bowl cut of Shawn from Boy Meets World? Or perhaps just long, glorious, flowing locks? For the price of just $20, the answers to these questions (and many other follicle quandaries) could be yours …

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