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Beth Moore: No, God Does Not Put Up With Secret Sins From His Servants for ‘the Greater Good’

Bible teacher and writer Beth Moore has been an outspoken advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. 

As a survivor herself, she has been vocal about the need for Christians to speak out against people in power who abuse others.

In a recent tweet, she dispelled the idea that God “puts up with secret sins” from people who call themselves Christians just because they are positions to accomplish notable things.


This week, in light of even more women coming forward with stories of being abused and harassed by powerful men, she tweeted this: “If you want to know how Jesus felt about women & treated women, read the Gospels. Anything & anyone that does not reflect what you see in Jesus in black and white on those pages may wear a Christian label but never confuse that with Christlike. Jesus is no misogynist. Read & see”

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