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The Biggest Vocabularies in Hip-Hop Captured in One Infographic

Data scientist Matt Daniels looked at the first 35,000 lyrics on the albums of 85 popular rappers to determine who has the biggest vocabulary in all of hip-hop. When it comes to a clear winner, it wasn’t even close. Aesop Rock and his 7,392 unique words were the most in hip-hop—even more than Shakespeare or Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, both benchmarks on the chart. Members of the Wu-Tang Clan followed Aesop Rock, and were some of the only artists to break the 5,700-word threshold. Ruff Ryders rapper and occasional actor DMX came in dead last with his 3,214 words. Over on Daniels’ website (please note: some salty language at the link), you can see an in-depth, interactive breakdown of how all 85 rappers ranked …

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