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Beth Moore: “Evangelicalism Is In Humiliating Need of Reform”

Beth Moore, the famed Christian author and speaker, has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, but she seems somewhat newly invigorated in recent months to speak truth to power in what she sees as a dangerous capitulation among her fellow evangelicals. She took to Twitter to call for repentance and reform, implying that evangelicalism has, broadly speaking, “colossally blown it.” She encouraged the Church to stop “expending untold energy still defending ourselves.” “How hard is it to repent?” she asked.


She practiced what she preached in a separate thread, in which she used Twitter for a little public confession and repentance (there’s a novel use of social media), asking God for forgiveness for “ways I’ve been complicit in & contributed to misogyny & sexism in the church by my cowardly and inordinate deference to male leaders in order to survive.”


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Moore’s been open about the ways her words have cost her (she even talked to us about it!), but she’s still leading by example — providing a template for other leaders who want to repent of the ways evangelicalism has been used to reinforce existing power structures and systems of inequality. Hopefully others will follow her humble example.

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