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‘Boy Meets World’, ‘Home Improvement’ and ‘Dinosaurs’ Are on Hulu Right Now

Tim Allen grunt “aughua?” noise! Hulu is really pushing to be your new streaming service of choice. After yesterday’s news that they’d be sweeping up 30 Rock in the wake of Netflix letting it go, today Hulu let loose with a real triple punchHome Improvement, Dinosaurs and, yes, Boy Meets World are all available on the service starting Friday, September 29 …wait a minute, that’s today.

Now you can glean life advice and pearls of wisdom from Wilson, comfort Cory as he pines over Topanga and feel the grim onset of existential crisis as you watch Dinosaurs‘ bizarrely bleak series finale. And you can do it all whenever you want, because the only way to improve on 90s sitcoms is to make them available 24/7.


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