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Brand-New Denver Bronco Garett Bolles Gets a Tearjerking Message

Garett Bolles has had a tough life. At 19, the high school graduate got kicked out of his parents’ house for getting into too much trouble. He was taken in by the his old lacrosse coach Greg Freeman and Greg’s wife, Emily, who raised him as one of their own.

Now, six years later, Garett Bolles was the NFL’s No. 20 overall choice and first offensive lineman taken by the Denver Broncos in this year’s draft. That’s no mean feat, and the Freemans sent Bolles a video message expressing how proud they were of the way he’s managed to turn his life around. If you can watch the whole thing without crying, you’re stronger than anyone in the video.

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“They made me who I am today,” Bolles responded. “I’m crying so much, but I love you Mom, and I love you Dad, and you guys mean the world to me.”


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