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A Brief Rundown of the ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Critical Reviews

There’s another Transformers movie coming into theaters today. Maybe you’ve heard. Shia LaBeouf has been replaced by Mark Wahlberg which is, all things considered, a step forward for the franchise. But then again, the humans in these movies always seem sort of beside the point. Critical reviews are also beside the point, because, well, duh. Nevertheless, if you choose to subject yourself to Transformers: Age of Extinction this weekend, here’s what you can expect.

“Well before it finished I was numb from its bludgeoning excess.” —Globe and Mail

“This is as excruciating a movie as is likely to be experienced by anyone, anywhere.” —ReelViews

“A pummeling, two hour and 45 minute [Editor’s Note: Wow] assault that essentially dares the audience to keep track of what’s happening.” —The Verge

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Sounds great, Transformers-heads. Have fun out there …

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