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‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Might Do a #MeToo Episode

At Brooklyn Nine Nine‘s panel at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, the cast and crew said they were discussing doing a #MeToo episode, but want to make sure they do the moment justice. (h/t Hollywood Reporter)

The conversation began with series co-star Terry Crews, who said his recent experience of sharing his own story with sexual assault has lead to a “summer of freedom.”

“We can now tell our truth,” Crews said. “These are lessons I learned while I was doing this show. It’s about being able to tell your story. One thing that influenced me was feeling safe and having friends and family on this show. I felt secure enough that I could tell my truth and still go to work.”

Crews was the center of one of Brooklyn Nine Nine‘s best episodes to date, “Moo Moo,” in which his character was racially profiled. Brooklyn Nine Nine obviously sits at the center of a lot of modern issues, being a cop show, and at the TCA panel they talked about a possible #MeToo episode. The short of it: They’re throwing the idea out there but have yet to find the right story.

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Showrunner Dan Goor said about special episodes: “They’re hard to do. They have to feel true to what the show is and still feel funny, but give weight to the issue and explore it in a fair way.”

We’re huge Nine Nine fans, and for our money, we think they could pull it off.

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