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Cell Phones Are Causing Us to Sleep Less—and We May Suffer the Health Consequences

Researchers from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Manchester and Surrey universities have released a new report, warning the public about the dangers of not getting enough sleep. And, with modern cultures getting up to two hours less sleep a night than people did in the ‘60s, the health risks are becoming a real concern.

What’s the cause of the shift in sleeping habits? As The Telegraph puts it, “modern technology and a 24-hour society mean many people are now ‘living against’ their body clocks, which is responsible for huge changes in the human body.” One culprit specifically cited by researchers was the blue light emitted by smartphones, which they said can “reset our circadian rhythms to a later hour, postponing the release of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin.” Medical professionals say that staying up too late and not getting enough shuteye can do more than just put you in a bad mood; lack of sleep has also been linked to increased risks of obesity, heart disease, infections and even cancer …

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