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Chance the Rapper Has Some Interesting Thoughts On This Racist Heineken Commercial

Heineken recently ran an advertisement for its light beer featuring the tagline “sometimes, lighter is better.” The ad showed a bartender sliding a bottle of beer past a bunch of people of color, until the bottle stopped in front of a light-skinned woman. The ad has since been pulled, for super obvious reasons.

Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to rip the ad itself, but he took his thoughts beyond that specific commercial and looked at the advertising industry as a whole. The musician speculated that massive corporations might be leaning into controversy on purpose so they can receive more attention on social media and in the national dialogue.

[WARNING: Chance’s tweets contain some strong language.]

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The point here from Chance: We should have discernment when advertisers push the envelope in oppressive or inappropriate ways. To be honest, it makes news articles like this really, really tricky.

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