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Checkmate, Atheists. Peep Your Eyes on These Cows Resembling a Cross


Sorry non-believers, we’ve got the perfect CHRISTMAS present for you this year.

It’s a picture from a farmer named Gene Hanson of cows lining up to look like a cross. That’s right (trigger warning, snowflakes) a cross.

Warning, you probably won’t being seeing this one in the lame-stream, fake news media that Hollyweird is churning out, but Fox News has the scoop.

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As North Dakota’s WTTV TV explains, “Earlier this week when Hanson’s neighbor was feeding about 150 of his cows on Richard Mooch Ranch, he did it in a way so the cows would gather to form a cross. He told Hanson about it, and he used his drone to take a picture of them.”

Hanson is known for his cornfield art that has included subtle, tasteful messages like “GOP GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER” and one that the president himself reposted.

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