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Chinese Government Censoring Details of Cruise Disaster

On Monday evening, a Chinese yacht carrying 458 people reportedly sailed into a storm, causing the boat to capsize. Fourteen passengers have been rescued, 18 are confirmed dead and over 400 are still missing. A significant amount of trapped air has kept the boat afloat, and rescuers are hopeful to find more survivors in the air pockets.

With questions swirling about the details of the disaster among families of the passengers and the public, the Chinese government is only releasing tightly censored information in an attempt to avoid public outrage. The Central Propaganda Department contacted editors, telling them to only use the information from Xinhua (the state news agency) and China Central TV and not to send reporters to the river. Police have also cordoned off roads into the Hubei province to keep foreign journalists out. All online comments and discussion containing any criticism or negative implications are being deleted by authorities

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