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Chipotle Is Releasing an Insane Series about Exploding Cows on Hulu

Chipotle is getting into the TV business—with a series about exploding cows. Back in September, the burrito chain released a stirring short animated film called The Scarecrow that showed a bleak dystopian world created by fast food production industry. (The casual dining chain that prides itself on fresh ingredients evidently really hates fast food.) Now, Chipotle is producing a four-episode satirical series called Farmed and Dangerous, about a creepy pistol-wielding, food industry executive whose new method of meat production also causes cows to explode. Literally, the show features exploding cows.

Ray Wise, of Twin Peaks and Tim and Eric fame plays the “Animoil” executive who will stop at nothing—even sacrificing the integrity of his own daughter—to keep his evil beef company in business. Subtle, huh? You can go here to watch a trailer. (Just a heads up, it contains some mild language and images of cows exploding.) A producer on the series told The New York Times that Chipotle’s vision is to communicate a message about the values of fresh food, not advertise for their own restaurant. “Farmed and Dangerous is meant to strike large emotional chords—it’s not about selling burritos” …

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