Christian Leaders Are Marching, Speaking Up and Protesting Racial Violence

Over the weekend, people across the country and all over the world protested the unjust killing of George Floyd, who was the latest black person to be killed by the state for no reason. The unrest has set off many important conversations and actions, as well as plenty of anxiety, unrest and outrage as local leaders struggle with how to respond to protestors and effect change.

Many prominent Christians have also been involved, from marching in the streets to lending their thoughts and voices to the online discourse. Here are a few Christian artists, authors, pastors and activists who’ve gotten involved. We will continue to update this post.

Lecrae, artist and activist

Christina Edmonson, Educator and Co-Host of The Truth’s Table Podcast

Tedashii, Artist and Activist

Jemar Tisby, author and speaker

Lucille Houston

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Gods heart is with the hurting. And so is ours. We’ve had some very candid conversations with our kids over the past few weeks. They’ve cried at the reality of how deeply humanity is hurting and we’ve cried right along with them. This SHOULD be our reaction to the state of our world right now. Why? Because we are ALL children of God made in his image. I want to teach our kids that if they see something that’s wrong, they should say something…and put action towards making it right. I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of how deep these wounds go but I don’t need to understand everything in order to see that it’s wrong and want to play my part in changing it. I can weep with those that weep. I can use my prayers and my platform. I can be intentional with my parenting. I can use my VOICE & my ACTIONS to be apart of the solution. WE NEED JESUS. We need him to change hearts and renew minds. We need his guidance and wisdom in helping us be his hands and feet to this broken & hurting world. We cannot grow weary in doing good but continue to raise our God given voices together, until we see changes that last. Proud of my kids for choosing to express their hearts. This wasn’t just about letting ourselves feel angry and heartbroken at the situation we see… This was about teaching them that THEY have a part to play and they have a voice that CAN & WILL make a difference in this world. Made us emotional seeing these messages come out of the overflow of their OWN little hearts. Taking a stand for what they believe in. Peacefully & powerfully. Jesus, help us all do the same.

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Amena Brown, Author and Poet

Beth Moore, author and preacher

Gawvi, rapper and producer

Carl Lentz, Pastor and Author

Propaganda, artist and activist

Brian Zahnd, author and pastor

Derek Minor, artist, entrepreneur and activist

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One more black man for us to hashtag. One more mother lost her son. One more image of The Most High destroyed. FOR WHAT? I don’t know. You tell me what justifies a police officer putting their knee on your neck for 5 minutes until it chokes the life out of you. This is a 400 year cycle that is never ending. We can’t walk with our hoodie on, jog, bird watch, put our hands up, put our hands down, or breathe without the threat of danger. I’m so numb to all this but yet it cuts me deep. I can’t cry but I feel like I am. Over and over and over and over and over again this happens. At least people aren’t running with the “he should have complied narrative this time.” Prayerfully, y’all won’t dig up the time he stole bubble gum from the candy store in 5th grade to justify his death. He’s gone. Let him die in peace. ??

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Brian Houston, pastor

Jonathan Martin, pastor and author

Fleurie, Christian musician


Jen Hatmaker, author and speaker

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"I felt threatened" and "he resisted" and "she did not comply" and "he matched the description" and "I was afraid for my life" are modern-day code words that give white supremacy a secure, reliable foothold in this generation, free of all accountability and justice. Racism is wildly adaptable. . Go ahead and use them, white people. We will be assured a safe place inside the justice system and plenty of sympathy for our white fragility. It will work for us. It will prioritize our racism over the lives of black and brown bodies, their families, and their legacies. . From top to bottom, our whiteness will be protected. Our innocence, fear, and perception will be assumed as true and right. It will partner with the opposite assumption: black and brown bodies are to be feared, suspected, and punished. This will remain true despite video evidence, audio evidence, eye-witness reports, clear data, and common sense. The system works exactly as it was designed to. . “If we are not anti-racist, we are racist” – Angela Davis. There is no neutral when black lives continue to be dispensable and disposable day after day. There is no neutral when we gently benefit from white supremacy without challenging its demonic, inherent evils. This is our work. . White friends, you are not just a bit player in the dismantling of white supremacy. When you call out racism and demand justice, this matters. When you use your social media platforms to discuss what you are learning about implicit bias, it matters. When you point your friends and family members to leaders and authors of color, this matters. When you call evil evil, it matters. . You can handle dissent. You can handle it when your Aunt Mary says you are guilty of "reverse racism against whites" or whatever nonsense. You can handle their defensiveness and anger. You can. . What you cannot handle is sitting silently by as white supremacy learns how to adapt without consequence in our generation, an unbroken chain of terror for centuries. Have a good answer when your great-grandchildren ask you what you did during the rampant abuse of black and brown bodies in our time. . Use your voice. Raise it with courage and conviction.

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Ekemini Uwan, theologian and co-host of the Truth’s Table Podcast

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Devon Franklin, author and filmmaker

Bethel Music

Jesus Culture

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We know that many are wondering what to do right now in this nation. There are many ways to get involved and be a part of healing for this nation. Friends like @darwinhobbs and @loswhit have shared beautiful thoughts about that. We also want to encourage our white friends to do as James 1:19 says “be quick to listen, slow to speak.” To not just engage this from a social media standpoint but to engage this in your community by walking with people. Reach out to others. Check in on those who you know who are people of color. You don’t need to have answers, you don’t need to share your opinions, you just simply need to show that you care and that you want to be a part of the solution. There is no room for arrogant conversations, we must humble ourselves and pray. Above all else, we must pray. Pray for the healing of our nation. Pray for systems that are unrighteous and unjust, that have oppressed and harmed people, to be torn down and replaced with systems that are righteous and just. Pray for our leaders for the wisdom and courage they will need to lead in this time. Pray for the safety of police officers who have been commissioned to protect and serve our communities. Pray for mindsets to shift and hearts to change. Pray for revival.

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