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Club Applebee’s in the House

Ever feel like the nightlife is getting a little stale in your area? Like you and your friends always end up at the same old places, doing the same old things, and it’s sort of fun, sure, but you wish there was some fresh, new location that would really take things to the next level? Maybe you also hope that place would serve blooming onions and deep-fried plops of ranch dressing. Well, good news. Applebee’s is reinventing its after-hours to be “Club Applebee’s.” America is saved again. But wait, you might be asking how you’ll know whether the Applebee’s you’re walking into will be the normal, ho-hum, family-friendly restaurant or your new late-night go-to destination for you and your friends. Well, Businessweek has the scoop:

The traditional red and white Applebee’s store logo will change so that only the “bee’s” part of the name is illuminated, and the windows will be accented by dim green lights instead of bright white daytime ones.

Got it. “Bee’s.” Dim green lights. So exciting. So enticing. Spinach-artichoke dip under the thrilling black lights of America’s new hotspot. Clubbin’ good in the neighborhood …

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