The Comments on John Crist’s New Video Are Pure Comedy Gold

In his latest video, John Crist challenged his viewers to come up with “Christian song business names.”

He gave a few examples, like “Chain-breaker Bail Bondsman,” “Good Good Father Adoption Agency” and “Reckless Love Personal Injury and Divorce Lawyer.”

However, it was the commenters on the video that had the real gems: “Dare You to Move Realtors,” “Jesus Take the Wheel Driving School,” “I Surrender All, Foreclosure Services,”  “Can I Get A Witness Notary Public Services,” “Dear Younger Me Plastic Surgery Services,” “Beauty for Ashes Cremation,” “Where Feet May Fail Prosthetics.”

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There are already 8,000 comments on the video, so now you have something to do on your lunch break.

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