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Congratulations, Pete From ‘Mad Men’ and Rory From ‘Gilmore Girls’

We’re not ones for celebrity gossip around here. There’s just too much to do in any given day to care about who wore what better or which star is just like us this week. But everyone can agree that, sometimes, celebrity news transcends the realm of celebrity gossip and becomes actual news as in the case of this story about how Vincent Kartheiser (the universally beloved Pete in Mad Men) is marrying Rory Gilmore (actually named Alexis Bledel but, let’s be honest). Rory actually played the mentally unstable object of Pete’s affections on the last season of Mad Men, so here’s hoping this isn’t just some sort of weird Nightingale effect. Hopefully Kartheiser isn’t a philandering snake in real life. Hopefully Rory doesn’t talk in 25-word-a-minute bursts of obscure pop culture references …

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