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Courageous Gamer Fends Off Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband With a Zelda Sword

In what might be the dorkiest brave move in recent memory, Texas man and Legend of Zelda buff Eugene Thompson did what he had to do when his girlfriend’s ex-husband came calling. Thompson had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend, and she’d called her estranged husband. Thompson, not willing to go down without a fight, grabbed his Legend of Zelda replica sword and met the man head on, which is questionable on a lot of levels, but is at least bold. In the ensuing struggle, the ex-husband suffered a stab wound and Thompson got a flower pot to the head, so they both ended up in the hospital.

Alas for poor Eugene, his courage was for naught and his girlfriend has sent him packing. After all that, it’s an understandable move on her part, but Thompson at least got to use a replica sword as a real weapon, which gives him something to hold his head high over …

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