If you’ve worked in food service, you’ve definitely heard some of the strangest requests and complaints, but chances are you haven’t heard this one—at least, not in sincerity.

A customer at Corowa RSL in Australia returned a sandwich because there was a one centimeter difference in her sandwich, which should’ve been cut precisely in half, according to the customer.

The complaint got escalated to the Corowa RSL CEO, Peter Norris, who measured it himself, marked it and realized the customer, who he said was in her 80s, was right. The cafe was 5 millimeters off.

Close but not close enough – the girls were 5mm off a direct centre cut yesterday. This was brought back as a legitimate…

Posted by Corowa RSL Club on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Everyone took the situation pretty lightly, and when they remade the sandwich, they allowed the customer to cut it herself.

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