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Dancing Hopper Is the ‘Stranger Things’ Meme We’ve Been Waiting For

As sheriffs go, Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper is a pretty good one. He refused to back down when strange creatures from spooky dimensions invaded his own, but he also just sort of slept on the whole Barb thing in season one. Whatever. Nobody’s perfect. But you know what Hopper is good at? Dancing, as this excellent new Twitter account proves. See for yourself. Hopper can dance to Taylor!


He can dance to Post Malone!


He’s a man of range, so of course he can dance to the Ghostbusters theme.


And a little bit of Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line,” because Beetlejuice. 


Here’s him expressing his love of a timeless classic through the art of dance.


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And, well, tis the season.


Oh, and what would a Stranger Things dancing meme be without this one?


You keep doing you, Hopper. Alright, nice dance break, everyone. Back to binge-watching season two.

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