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Daniel Radcliffe Is an Angel and Steve Buscemi Is God in the First Trailer for TBS’ ‘Miracle Workers’

Steve Buscemi as God? An intriguing prospect, although this is less capital-G “-of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”-fame God and more a satirical pastiche of a schlubby, bored CEO in the throes of a mid-eternity crisis. The real draw here is Daniel Radcliffe, trying his hand at playing the harried angel in charge of answering prayers in TBS’ upcoming Heaven, Inc. comedy Miracle Workers. Geraldine Viswanathan (Blockers) joins Radcliffe in trying to make Heaven a little less dysfunctional, and the always charming Karan Soni (Dopinder in the Deadpool movies) is involved as “God’s righthand man.” A press release from around this time last year said Owen Wilson was gonna be the one to play God, but you know what they say: we make plans, God laughs.

This trailer has a few chuckles if you’re willing to ride with the cheeky depiction of Heaven, and Radcliffe in full comedy mode is always a welcome treat. Nothing here suggests that this will be as delicious an exploration of the afterlife as The Good Place, but there’s enough to warrant our attention. This limited series will premiere on February 12.

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