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Definitive Evidence Is Here: The Dress Is Blue and Black

After splitting the Internet in a bitter fight that divided households, pit brother against sister and neighbor against neighbor, the debate has been settled. The actual makers of “The Dress” have spoken, and there should be no more discussion on the matter. Just for a little context, last night, a photo of a lacey, striped patterned dressed made some seriously insane rounds on the Internet, setting a new record for Buzzfeed traffic. Because of some weird optical anomaly, some people saw the two colors of the dress as white and gold. Others, saw it as blue and black. Finally, after a long night arguing, debate and a shocking number of science think pieces, the war is over, and team BlueAndBlack has won. At 3:36 am, last night, the makers of the infamous dress, Roman Originals, tweeted out this image and message: “We can confirm #TheDress is blue and black! We should know!” That settles it. Apologies accepted, gold-seers …

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